Monday, September 10th, 2018

How mini cash loans meet your unplanned financial needs!!

The growth and advancements in technology have made many products/services accessible and available at one’s fingertips. Individuals have a choice for every product or service. Gone are the days when we need to plan things in advance (as early as months or weeks), now you can book a cab/flight/hotel etc. in less than a minute. Users are willing to pay premium for the services that provide this convenience and comfort.

Though planning has been taken care of, instant cash availability to access these services is the new age problem. This led to the rise of digital lending companies that made cash accessible at the fingertips. Now customers can access a various range of financial products with ease. One such product category is mini cash loans. These loans vary from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1 lac based on the need and ability to repay.

Often individuals fall short of cash during the month end or when there is a delay in salary hitting their bank accounts. They might need cash urgently to attend to a medical emergency, plan a travel with friends or grab a good shopping deal.These needs may push them to break their savings or approach friends/colleagues for cash. The alternate solution to this are digital lending platforms such as LoanIt, which provide the convenience of availing short term cash loans within minutes. These platforms use data to determine user ability to repay with minimum dependency on their credit scores. Even a bad credit score will not hamper one’s ability to take such mini cash loans. This will save the hassle of physical documentation, avoid social embarrassment and provide instant approval for loans.

Financial products such as personal loans, pay day loans, instant short-term cash loans etc. are made available with a click on the smart phone. In cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai etc., these services are rampantly available. Next time if you fall short of cash but want to plan a trip, purchase a surprise gift for your spouse or attend an emergency, alternative lending platforms are always an option for you.

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