LoanIt is a digital lending platform where users can avail short term cash loans from the platforms affiliated lenders. LoanIt analyses various data points that are made available to assess the repayment ability of the user. The inbuilt algorithms use machine learning for credit risk assessment and build social scores for users. This will aid in a faster decision-making process for our lenders. LoanIt aims at instant approval decision and zero physical interaction between its users and lenders.

LoanIt products aim at providing personal emergency line of credit to users. The users can use it for medical emergencies, or travel plans, or pay unplanned expense or plan a gift for loved ones.

How it works?

These are cash loans provided against your salary and we encourage only salaried professional to register with the platform. As a first-time user

Downloading the application from the play store and login via facebook or Gmail.

Provide basic information to check your eligibility (takes less than 1 minute).

Complete profile and upload required documents (takes less than 1 minute).

Click apply loan.

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