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Quick verification

Instant disbursal

Get your loan instantly anytime after your membership & profile is verified. LoanIt provides lifetime membership with one time application.

No physical documents

No physical documents

Complete paperless process. Just upload copies of your Aadhaar card, recent pay slip and latest 3 months bank statements.

pay only for what you use

Low fees.

You will be charged for only what you use. Easy repayment process and no pre-closure charges. Check your charges here.

Direct deposits

Direct deposit !

Get instant cash directly into your bank account. Spend happily :)

About us

We are a fin-tech platform that enables users to avail instant cash loans from our affiliated partners without tedious paperwork. Our objective is to provide seamless customer experience for transactions and deliver convenience to our users to access instant cash anytime and from anywhere.

We rely on state of the art machine learning algorithms to evaluate credit worthiness of a borrower, understand repayment behaviour and optimize interest rates based on data points from thousands of transactions that happen on our platform daily.

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